ScriptSpeak: A Text-to-Speech App Designed With You in Mind

I can’t believe it’s the end of the semester already and that Eddie, Eunice, and I are already done with our app! Here’s our official awesome pitch below!

Barbara using our app

ScriptSpeak is a customized text-to-speech iOS app that helps those who cannot speak clearly to communicate. After beginning our project, we realized that currently available voice apps are designed for people who grew up with digital technology. Since PLS usually occurs between ages 40-60, most people with PLS did not grow up with digital technology. We were looking to develop a text-to-voice app that was easy to learn and use for all age groups.

ScriptSpeak displays all necessary functions through a straightforward, universally intuitive design that specifically targets users who are less techsavvy. Using large buttons, visual screens, and keeping all functionality visible on the app, ScriptSpeak will help users easily find the action they want to perform,quickly. With the help of ScriptSpeak, our users can communicate even more efficiently and easily.

screenshots of our app on iphone

screenshots of our app on the iphone

Wooo can’t wait for our next expo tomorrow! Come check us out at Hour of Code! :D


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