Nathan, my brother

I’ve written about my brother in two other posts so far (here) as part of a 3-blog mini series learning more about him and Autism – check them out if you haven’t already! My brother and me. We’re pretty cool. In the previous two posts, I wrote about the assistive technologies and therapies Nathan uses, […]

Nathan’s Therapies

This is Part II of my 3-blog series on my 11-year-old brother Nathan. You can read Part I here. This post will focus on the types of therapy that Nathan works with to become more independent in his daily life. Nathan attends the Melmark School, an approved private school with therapeutic resources for students with […]

Nathan’s Assistive Technologies

Nathan, at the Bryce Canyon National Park this summer This is my brother, Nathan. He has autism. Well, autism is a pretty broad label. For my brother, this means he falls on the low-functioning side of the autism spectrum. Nathan was born with a shorter, thinner connection between his right and left brain (“a dysmorphic, […]


Ari, Cimmy, and I are lucky to be working with Felicity for the duration of our PPAT class. Our group has met twice now and I’m really excited about our discussions and work so far! Felicity is a great client. She already had a lot of ideas for potential projects at the start and is good at giving us […]

First Exposures to Assistive Software Technologies

Being a Course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) senior, I’m constantly thinking about how to improve technology, especially software products. This summer, I took an Accessibilities workshop to evaluate how accessible my company’s products were to people with disabilities. One of the activities in the workshop was to use one of the company’s software products on our smartphones […]