I’m a Cynic, and I Fear its Power

If I could commit my life to this, I would… or at least I hope I would. But I don’t think I can. Without question, I consider this to be the most worthwhile and fulfilling class I have ever taken, and it will probably remain as such until the end of my MIT career, and […]


Assumptions are the worst, the confounders of innovation, the foilers of success, the breakers of hearts… Well maybe not the last one, but this week I realized the true danger of solidifying concepts in my mind before having legitimate proof or reason. Throughout this process, I’ve made assumptions about what our client Aaron would be able […]


Coming into PPAT, I was certain of only the fact that 6.811 was one of a select number of classes that I was so genuinely ecstatic to be a part of. The concept of being able to work with and hopefully help someone so directly by using my Mechanical Engineering experience was something I’d never […]