Mixed Feelings

That was my proudest moment this semester. The moment where we put it all together and our months of prototyping realized into a working product that brought a smile to Jeffrey’s face (not pictured). This was definitely the high point for the class. But this class has also made me the most frustrated out of […]


A big reason I decided to take PPAT is to get more experience with the design and manufacturing process. As an engineer, it’s important to be able to make things. Before this class, most of my products were the kind you interfaced with on a screen. Useful, sure. But not very physical and involved little […]

Where Did All the Disabled People Go?

I’m sitting in front of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, USC’s student center, attempting to draw inspiration from my surroundings for this blog post. I’ve been at this unsuccessfully for about an hour. I scan the people around me to try and find a person with a handicap or some technology made for the disabled. […]


I often try to understand things from other people’s points of views. Whether I’m explaining a topic for a class, holding a casual conversation, or even writing an email, I often do a second pass over what I’ve communicated to see if it makes sense given what the other person knows. Even so, I’ve found […]