Affordability and Assistive Technology Spotlight: Buttons and Switches

It makes sense that a lot of AT devices are expensive.  There are high costs in developing, testing, and producing technology.  In mainstream technology (smartphones, laptops, etc.) there has been enough demand and competition that companies are able to sell them for reasonably affordable prices. This isn’t the case for AT and thus we have […]

Hand Held Service Dog

This blog post resides under the “Assistive Technology Ideas” and describes a future device that is outside of the scope of this class. My team has been working with Felicity, who has complete hearing loss.  While investigating a plethora of project ideas, Felicity mentioned that it would be really cool to have a hand-held hearing […]

SmartPhones and Assistive Technology

This blog post discusses the hands-on Assistive Technology(AT) lab on September 8th where we tried out some existing AT products.  Additionally, I will discuss some further reflections as a result of the lab. During the lab we demoed various AT devices: hearing aids, magnifying tools, braille typewriter, easy to wear clothing and more. I found […]