I’m a Cynic, and I Fear its Power

If I could commit my life to this, I would… or at least I hope I would. But I don’t think I can. Without question, I consider this to be the most worthwhile and fulfilling class I have ever taken, and it will probably remain as such until the end of my MIT career, and […]

Assistive Technology Is Not Easy

For our project, we made good progress and created three first stage prototypes. We used paper strips to represent the sensors and attached them to the gloves. We also had different design for gloves and wiring of the sensors for the three prototypes to give our client more options to choose from. Our client liked […]

Electronic Devices

I have been able to explore many accessibility devices through my on campus job in the ATIC office and through the electronic device access lab. There are many varieties of software and hardware devices available. Each device is tailored to a specific impairment or set of impairments. Some impairments are intended for physical disabilities and […]

Hands-on Assistive Technology

For the past two classes, we have actually used some previously created assistive technologies made to be mass produced for a large variety of disabilities. The hands-on experience truly helped me see some good practices and design in action when it comes to creating assistive technology. While these little things helped out with my considerations […]

Wheelchair Lab Reflection

Prior to PPAT, I had already spent a significant amount of time diving into the unique technical challenges presented by problems requiring assistive technology solutions. I signed up for the class because I love hacking on problems like AT, and knew that the course was an opportunity to continue doing so. That being said, as […]