Wheelchair Lab

Having never been in a wheelchair before, the Wheelchair Lab was an eye-opening experience for me and allowed me to notice many difficulties that wheelchair users face every day. The first difficulty I had was trying to exit Stata from the classroom. More than half the students in the class were trying to exit the […]

Off the Ground

Maneuvering the wheelchair was the first surprise—fairly smooth, mostly intuitive, and I didn’t face plant in the first three minutes. Perfection. Perhaps because the lab assignment screamed scavenger hunt, I immediately raced ahead of less confident wheelers and pushed my way to the front doors—I can’t drive, but I imagine if I did I would […]


Coming into PPAT, I was certain of only the fact that 6.811 was one of a select number of classes that I was so genuinely ecstatic to be a part of. The concept of being able to work with and hopefully help someone so directly by using my Mechanical Engineering experience was something I’d never […]

Time Changing Perspectives

My first real exposure to assistive technology was in 5th grade. My class participated in FIRST Lego League, a LEGO robotics competition with a specific theme each year. That year, the challenge was called “No Limits” and focused on tasks that a person with a disability might have trouble doing. Our robot was supposed to […]

First Impressions

Starting out the class a little late in the game, I didn’t know what to expect of it. I mean, I knew the premise of the class and what was expected of me, but I had no idea what I would be doing, who I would be working with, and how to create something to […]

Disability in Childhood

Introduction My youngest sister has been living with disability for the past six years.  She suffered a stroke at the age of six. The stroke affected primarily the left side of her basal ganglia and her expressive language center.  At first she was unable to walk or talk, she communicated by writing since she is […]

Thoughts about ethics

Thoughts about ethics Posted by Jeffrey Drucker (client) We had a class about ethics as it relates to the proper way to deal with research subjects. We learned about the electric shock experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram in 1961. I have a biased opinion about this experiment. My mother was a Holocost survivor from Germany. […]

The future of elevators

The future of elevators Posted by Jeffrey Drucker (client) I attended the Abilities Expo. I met a man who was in a wheelchair. We were waiting for the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, someone offered to back the man’s wheelchair into the elevator. the man refused. He does not like to back his wheelchair […]