To start off – I want to say I thoroughly enjoyed this course this semester.  I loved working with an actual client and seeing how our work could affect him.  But I also really enjoyed the lectures with panels and speakers, and the labs where we got to learn more about specific AT and hear […]

Mixed Feelings

That was my proudest moment this semester. The moment where we put it all together and our months of prototyping realized into a working product that brought a smile to Jeffrey’s face (not pictured). This was definitely the high point for the class. But this class has also made me the most frustrated out of […]

Paul walks with with the Coffee Crane through his home

Team Paul and the Coffee Crane

“One of the big dreams of my life. . . has been to be able to carry a coffee cup around the house.” Team Paul worked closely with their client to accomplish a simple task. Paul said: “one of the big dreams of my life. . . has been to be able to carry a […]


After an evening of particularly intense user testing, it was clear that our experimentation had tired Aaron out – despite our device being easy for him to use, for the purposes of experimental validity, we had to ask Aaron to take a number of photographs using his current, physically-draining methods. At the end, we sat down with him […]

Nathan, my brother

I’ve written about my brother in two other posts so far (here) as part of a 3-blog mini series learning more about him and Autism – check them out if you haven’t already! My brother and me. We’re pretty cool. In the previous two posts, I wrote about the assistive technologies and therapies Nathan uses, […]